Laser Doping System

This laser system can be used in phosphorus doped selective diffusion process and support offline or online production modes

With compact spatial layout, the system features simple structure, convenient commissioning, standardized modular design, high compatibility and interchangeability

The system provides multiple production modes, including two-laser, three-laser and four-laser production, realizing full coverage from low to high production capacity

Composed of the host and the connection station, the system can realize manual loading and unloading as well as automatic AGV loading and unloading, satisfying customers’varying loading requirements

It supports AOI detection, silicon wafer flipping, sheet resistance detection and other functions


It adopts F-T homogenization doping technology and laser pulse shaping technology to form a square spot

The system can be customized according to customer needs to achieve non-destructive, high-precision and high-efficiency laser doping, improve the conversion efficiency of PERC solar cells, and trigger the second round of technological upgrading of efficient solar cells

With laser high-precision graphics, it can achieve perfect overprinting effect with subsequent screen printing

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