Laser Scribing System

Simple and stable system layout: adopt linear transmission and online processing to reduce the number of handling and equipment complexity, and improve stability

Fast on-line split: fast split and separation can be achieved on the production line

General split structure: the splits are quickly changed, that is quick switch between 1:2 and 1:N

Strong compatibility/expansibility: stand-alone operation & upgradable centralized feeding, offline feed box & online chip transfer

It can be upgraded to online chip transmission to series welding machine, online box transmission, or docking AGV, centralized feeding, etc.


Smooth cutting section, no microcrack, higher mechanical load strength;

The sample basically has no laser damage, no heat-affected zone, and low electrical performance loss;

Lower laser processing temperature and lower thermal damage;

Compatible with all kinds of solar cells:single-side or bifacial PERC,TOPCON, HIT and other solar cells.

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