About DR

Li ZhiGang/Chairman & General Manager

Dr. Li Zhigang was graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology under the tutelage of Professor Huang Dexiu, the father of Optics Valley in Wuhan, China. From 2002 to 2004, Dr. Li studied in Nanyang Technological University and the internationally renowned Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology for two years. In April 2004, he returned to China after graduation. With profound theoretical knowledge.Dr. Li has published several bachelor's papers in well-known domestic and international magazines during his studies and after working, such as OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS, and IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS. In the laser industry, Dr. Li has a high reputation, and has won praises from many people for his diligent, rigorous, and willing to share academic attitude.

Dr. Li zhigang's main research direction is laser technology and its application. He has led the research and development of laser doping machine, laser drilling machine, laser edge isolation machine, laser ablation machine, laser anti-attenuation technology and other technologies. His research achievements have been widely used in the market, occupying more than 80% of the global market share of high-efficiency solar laser equipment. He owns 12 inventions and more than 60 utility model patents, all as the first inventor. Dr. Li has been selected for many times in the national and provincial high-level talents projects, the Municipal "Yellow Crane Talents", the municipal "Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker", the municipal "Doctor Specially Funded by the People's Government" and the district's "3551 Talents Program".

DR Laser has a sound and stable team. Its experienced management team can manage the company scientifically and effectively, and can accurately capture the market changes to make effective decisions. Also, Dr. Li, the founder of the company, has been deeply engaged in the field of laser and solar photovoltaic for many years. Under his leadership, the company's expert team and technical talents can efficiently and accurately complete the technical research and development tasks, making the company a well-known one in the industry.

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