Laser Ablation System

This laser system is used for laser ablation of the passivating films on the back of passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) solar cells. It supports online and offline production.

With compact spatial layout, the system features simple structure, convenient commissioning, standardized modular design, high compatibility and interchangeability.

The system provides multiple production modes, including two-laser, three-laser and four-laser production, realizing full coverage from low to high production capacity.

Composed of the host and the connection station, the system can realize manual loading and unloading as well as automatic AGV loading and unloading, satisfying customers’ varying loading requirements.

It can be directly connected to any brand of printer, with high compatibility and flexibility.


Designed with customized laser and special circuit, it incorporates smart manufacturing technologies.

It adopts flexible graphic control modes, with multiple types of graphs, including points, lines, and dotted and solid lines.

It realizes 15-50μm ultra-thin line width, non-destructive ablation, automatic microscale positioning, and automatic full-domain correction.

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